Online sales and e-commerce

Three recent news reports provide insights into what’s happening to businesses during lockdown.

First, #Asda have announced major changes to their supermarket operation indicating an even greater shift towards online sales. They announced that they hadn’t expected to reach their present level of online sales for another nine, yes nine years.

Then chocolate maker #Thorntons announced they would be closing all their retails shops and shifting to online sales with some sales via supermarkets.

Finally an industry review of what will happen to online sales after the boost they have seen as a consequence of the pandemic lockdowns suggest that they may drop as people return to shops when they re-open but they will then continue to rise again.

So if you haven’t started selling online yet and think you won’t bother now that lockdown will be eased, think again. First there is no guarantee that lockdown will be eased if a new wave of Covid spreads and online sales are going to continue to grow anyway.

Making that transition is not as difficult as you might think. With a combination of #WordPress and #Woocommerce I can offer you a seamless switch to e-commerce and set up a payment gateway with the likes of Paypal.

Get in touch and I can answer any questions or deal with any doubts you may have.