An occasional rant

I generally select software for a particular purpose and am satisfied if it serves that purpose satisfactorily. Unfortunately I recently purchased an update of software which has always done what it said on the tin. It’s called Winzip and it zips and compresses files so that they take up less space. This means that you can store them, email them and uncompress them again reliably time after time. Indeed WordPress plugins and themes can be uploaded as zip files and WordPress will uncompress them and install them reliably.

The suppliers of Winzip seem to be suffering some kind of crisis of confidence. Compressing and uncompressing files is suddenly not enough. Every so often (too often!) a message pops up telling how many megabytes of files are located in the Trash or Temp folder or how many megabytes of files haven’t been touched in a while and offering to delete them.

Wizip! Stop it! Just stick to compressing and uncompressing stuff. Leave the rest of running my computer to me. I don’t need a file nanny.

End of rant